Tips for Tinder: Very easy to get more matches

Speaking with other singles about partner searches, the conversation soon falls on Tinder. Over the past few years, the learning process has shifted more and more into the world wide web. Someone to speak out in the future is out – the swiping comfortably from the sofa is also in the trend in Hamburg.

Flirting is also not easy in the chat process, the bit of writing before blinddate must be skillful. In addition, the presentation of itself in the profile is decisive, whether a match is received and so the next level – the chat is reached, decisive. The secret of success at Tinder is quite simple. Only 2 insider tips have to be considered, in order to get more matches and so to sweeten the love life. No Matches On Tinder

Tip 1: The first photo decides

The profile photo is today the A and O. A few tenths of a second decide whether to be further geswiped or a like. Where formerly the girls were standing with narrow skirts at the bar counter, it is today the gepostet photo, which is ejected as a bait to the men’s world. It is best to organize a small private photo shoot with friends. The fun, which is determined by the photo-process, will breathe life into the image and the certain something. But, of course, a selfis can be made.


The Selfie as a profile should open the eyes as wide as possible and look at something beautiful when the trigger is pressed. It is also very advisable not to leave self-help alone as with Tinder – that could leave doubts about your social competence. If you want to leave the profile picture nothing to chance, perhaps a professional photo shooting more.

The remaining pictures of the Tinder profile should be taken from life and thus provide for conversation . Common interests can be seen so quickly and are also perfect for starting a conversation. It is not, as often criticized, superficial when someone at a Sofafoto continued to swiped and a person with a fitness photo liked. The same is true. The personal advertisement must be well done, so that the wrong persons do not report.

Tip 2: Use the “About me” field clever

The second point, which immediately follows the picture, is your own performance in the “About me” area. If there is nothing there, the chances are increased that we continue to look. Due to the large mass, empty fields are quickly submerged. But also the wrong words let the No Match Tinder users press the “Next” button. Time is now faster than before. At first glance, you would like to have a picture of who the person is, what she pleases and what her heart beats. If the potential partner identifies with the data, the match is as good as in the pocket. Describing yourself is often difficult, so it is recommended to ask your friends. This is often better than sucking something out of your fingers. Otherwise, of course,

Tip 3: Address the right target group!

If the potential partner identifies with the information, the match is as good as in the pocket. Describing yourself is often difficult, so it is recommended to ask your friends. This is often better than sucking something out of your fingers.

Tip 4: Personal approach! Where the men used to bribe sues, today a self-confident photo and a personal address is required.“Copy and paste” methods are quickly unmasked. The male “Tinderian” must not allow too much Macho raushängen, but also not softened effect. The mediocre is as hard to find in the online world as in the real world.

Tip 5: Do not take too seriously! Online dating should be seen as a game with the option for more. Everything can be, nothing must be the motto!  The most important thing at a glance is a decent photo, a successful profile description and fun. A click on the rework button of the Tinder profile can be worthwhile.

Tip 6:  As for everything in life, there is reading; ) Author Anna Ludwig has published the book ” Tinder – Spiel mit dem Feuer “.Tips and real stories from sex to love from the Tinderwelt. Otherwise there is of course still YouTube, which holds many videos with tips and tricks ready. Most of them can also be used for other dating apps like Lovoo & Co. The following 13 facts about Tinder:

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