Clash Royale (CR) is the worthy successor of the mythical Clash Of Clans (CoC). Both are among the most addictive mobile games. They touch all generations of gamers and literally scotch them on their screens. The most addict gamers have gone even further by simply creating two accounts (CR) or (CoC) to override the different daily limits imposed. With two accounts, players can improve their strategy and especially progress faster. But unless you own two smartphones, switching from one account to another is tedious. Fortunately there is a very simple combination, here in detail:


Install the game through Google Play. This step is of course optional if CR is already installed on your smartphone.


Behind this barbarous name (you are granted it), hide useful applications. They allow you to simply create a space on your phone where you can copy an application without affecting the original. Clash Royale Android Hack The application we will use for our tutorial is called Parallel Space . It can be downloaded free of charge, install it.

From the first start, it will propose to clone some applications already present on your Android device, Clash Royale will be part of it.

Uncheck any applications that do not interest you and click “Add to Parallel Space”. Within seconds, your second Clash Royale app will be created.


Once the game is launched, go to the settings to make the association if it is not offered at startup.

Just enter his email address and password. If you do not already have a second Google Account, create one by following the Google Create Wizard step-by-step.Then Google Play Games will automatically join your Clash Royale account.

And now to switch from one account to another, you only have to go from the first Clash Royale on the basic interface of your smartphone to that installed in Parallel Space and that without disconnecting. Hack Clash Royale Cheats Gems

Note: Cloning works with almost any application installed on your phone, whether it’s Whatsapp, Snapchat or your other flagship games.



On this page you will find all the information you need to get started in FIFA Ultimate Team , the most interesting and played mode of FIFA 17 . First of all we will explain to you how this mode is used and how to start and develop your team in order to establish good links between the players of your club.

What is FIFA Ultimate Team?

FIFA Ultimate Team is a FIFA license game mode allowing you to create your own team through random players that you will get via maps. The more you advance in this mode of play and the more you get credits, the game currency, allowing you to get new players and thus increase the power and efficiency of your team.

As in real life, the more a player will be good and the more you will have to spend credits to get it. Note that athletes will be scored according to their statistics and you will soon see their prestige via their classification of type Bronze, Silver or Gold.



As you will notice very quickly, it will take you time and patience to finish by creating a good team, able to face clubs of a high level. To do this, you will have to have good relations in the team as well as manage your transfers better. In the same way as a mercato, you will indeed have to scrutinize the players and buy sportsmen with good potential and not costing too much in order not to ruin you. It will always be more interesting to have several players of good level rather than a “Superstar” being left alone in your club and who will play only with bad teammates.

Numerous statistics will have to be taken into account such as the morale of your team, the current form of the player, the renewal of contracts, etc. The rest of our FIFA 17 Ultimate Team chip will explain how to get money quickly in this game mode in order to increase your team’s power more quickly.



What are the tips to win money quickly in FIFA Ultimate Team?

Money is the sinews of war, the more credits you have, the more you can quickly acquire good players and get good performances on the field. You will have to take on the role of the accountant of your club and do it properly if you do not want to see your team sink at the bottom of the rankings. You will indeed have to analyze the transfer market constantly in order to sell and buy the players at the best cost to earn credits in the transaction. Free FIFA 17 Cheats Coins

The cash management of your club is an integral part of this mode of play. The easiest and fastest way to earn money in FUT will be to play season games (online or offline).Your team will also be able to participate in many events or tournaments depending on their availability. This gives you credits in case of victory or the performance of your team.



Another possibility to make money in FIFA Ultimate Team will be to sell players and items. You can quickly get money at the beginning of your game by performing the managerial tasks. To do so, go to the “My Club” section and then “Task Manager”. Then do the required activities to learn more about this mode of play and get many rewards.
Correspondent between club strategy and players:

FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) does not stop in such a way as the links between the members of your team will have to be taken into account. You will have to rely on good group cohesion to hope to have a good team and not just rely on individual achievements.



The more you play consistently and the more you will increase the understanding between the players of the group. You will be able to see a collective score from 1 to 10. To do so, study first the placement of your players so that they play in good conditions. To take a quick example, there will be no interest in playing an attacker like Lionel Messi in defense. By doing this you will decrease the performance of the player in question but also his morale.

The more organized the players are, the more you will get good performances in your matches, thus increasing the morale and cohesion of the group. Important: Please be aware that some players will be able to play several positions. However, in order for them to perform well these players will generally be quite expensive in the manner of a Thomas Müller who can play in midfield or in attack or Cristiano Ronaldo (winger or attacker).



You will quickly see if the position to which you place your player in good via the color green, orange or red. “Green” will tell you that the instructions and the place chosen for the player will be perfect. “Orange” will indicate that there are several problems in your training. An average ball circulation, an average play placement, etc. To finish the color “Red” will indicate that the chosen position for the player is not at all adapted. You will have to recompose your team without which the cohesion will be bad and you will have to struggle hard to find creativity and movement during the matches.



The affinities between the players of the club:

Finally, the cohesion of the group will not be done only from the tactical point of view but also from complicity. Two players with the same nationality will have more affinity between them. This will allow you to better circulate the ball and thus create goal opportunities more easily. The same goes for their membership in the club. Two players playing in the same club will be more likely to find themselves and create complex game mechanisms (one-two, remote passes, etc.)

Finally, the fact that both players are in the same championship will also influence their affinity. You will quickly see these links via the “Green”, “Orange” or “Red” line explaining that they have a good relationship on the ground.



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Tips for Tinder: Very easy to get more matches

Speaking with other singles about partner searches, the conversation soon falls on Tinder. Over the past few years, the learning process has shifted more and more into the world wide web. Someone to speak out in the future is out – the swiping comfortably from the sofa is also in the trend in Hamburg.

Flirting is also not easy in the chat process, the bit of writing before blinddate must be skillful. In addition, the presentation of itself in the profile is decisive, whether a match is received and so the next level – the chat is reached, decisive. The secret of success at Tinder is quite simple. Only 2 insider tips have to be considered, in order to get more matches and so to sweeten the love life. No Matches On Tinder

Tip 1: The first photo decides

The profile photo is today the A and O. A few tenths of a second decide whether to be further geswiped or a like. Where formerly the girls were standing with narrow skirts at the bar counter, it is today the gepostet photo, which is ejected as a bait to the men’s world. It is best to organize a small private photo shoot with friends. The fun, which is determined by the photo-process, will breathe life into the image and the certain something. But, of course, a selfis can be made.


The Selfie as a profile should open the eyes as wide as possible and look at something beautiful when the trigger is pressed. It is also very advisable not to leave self-help alone as with Tinder – that could leave doubts about your social competence. If you want to leave the profile picture nothing to chance, perhaps a professional photo shooting more.

The remaining pictures of the Tinder profile should be taken from life and thus provide for conversation . Common interests can be seen so quickly and are also perfect for starting a conversation. It is not, as often criticized, superficial when someone at a Sofafoto continued to swiped and a person with a fitness photo liked. The same is true. The personal advertisement must be well done, so that the wrong persons do not report.

Tip 2: Use the “About me” field clever

The second point, which immediately follows the picture, is your own performance in the “About me” area. If there is nothing there, the chances are increased that we continue to look. Due to the large mass, empty fields are quickly submerged. But also the wrong words let the No Match Tinder users press the “Next” button. Time is now faster than before. At first glance, you would like to have a picture of who the person is, what she pleases and what her heart beats. If the potential partner identifies with the data, the match is as good as in the pocket. Describing yourself is often difficult, so it is recommended to ask your friends. This is often better than sucking something out of your fingers. Otherwise, of course,

Tip 3: Address the right target group!

If the potential partner identifies with the information, the match is as good as in the pocket. Describing yourself is often difficult, so it is recommended to ask your friends. This is often better than sucking something out of your fingers.

Tip 4: Personal approach! Where the men used to bribe sues, today a self-confident photo and a personal address is required.“Copy and paste” methods are quickly unmasked. The male “Tinderian” must not allow too much Macho raushängen, but also not softened effect. The mediocre is as hard to find in the online world as in the real world.

Tip 5: Do not take too seriously! Online dating should be seen as a game with the option for more. Everything can be, nothing must be the motto!  The most important thing at a glance is a decent photo, a successful profile description and fun. A click on the rework button of the Tinder profile can be worthwhile.

Tip 6:  As for everything in life, there is reading; ) Author Anna Ludwig has published the book ” Tinder – Spiel mit dem Feuer “.Tips and real stories from sex to love from the Tinderwelt. Otherwise there is of course still YouTube, which holds many videos with tips and tricks ready. Most of them can also be used for other dating apps like Lovoo & Co. The following 13 facts about Tinder:

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When talking about the best racing game on mobile , what game are you referring to? Asphalt, Need for Speed ​​or Real Racing? These are all excellent games, but there is an even better one especially if you are a fan of Dragster Racing . I’m talking about the game CSR RACING 2 ! You are very numerous to play this game and almost most of you are looking for a software of Cheating CSR Racing 2 capable of hacking. So our team of developers went to work to design it. The Cheat CSR Racing 2 that I put to you today is a generator Parts Gold and Unlimited Silver and free . CSR Racing 2 is a Drag racing game . It is a very famous race and renowned for its simplicity.

During a Dragster race, drivers generally do not need to use the steering wheel. They just have to hold it for the few seconds that the race will last. With this kind of race, it is two drivers who compete in a straight line. The goal is of course always to come first. At the level of the piloting of the vehicle, everything is essentially about timing in CSR Racing 2. What is certain is that you will not have turns to engage in this game. The manipulations to start and control the dragsters Are relatively simple in this game and it is appreciated precisely for this QUALITY.

In CSR Racing 2, the races take place exclusively in the city. You will basically run against gang members and gang leaders to settle personal accounts. To evolve in the game, you must constantly IMPROVE YOUR BOLIDES. You will also have to buy and unlock other cars for the chance to stay in the race. Unfortunately, Purchases and Improvements will force you to go to the caisse to fill up on resources. This is because the resources are very low in this game. If you are not ready to shell out real money in this game, I invite you to use our TRICHE CSR RACING 2 .

Cheats CSR Racing 2: Cheat Points


In CSR Racing, the dollar is the official currency. The races will be relatively easy during your first steps. At the very beginning, you run to simply raise money. Indeed, each victory is AWARD of a few thousand dollars in CSR Racing 2. Then, the difficulty of game evolves gradually. After some very easy duels to win, you will then be forced to buy new vehicles. In CSR Racing 2, the most useful vehicles are still unlockable. Once these vehicles are unlocked and acquired, you still need to customize them so that they can gain power and appearance. The money earned as a reward will allow you to buy vehicles and perform customizations. Some races require money as a participation fee. http://www.csrracing2hack-cheats.com/


In CSR Racing 2, Free Gold Coins perform the ACCELERATION function. Above, I told you that the vehicles could be the subject of Customization in this game. That is the case! But when customizations are made, it usually takes some time before the parts (parts of the vehicle to be customized) arrive in the garage. And unfortunately, the waiting time is too long. This is where the Gold Coins come in . They can be used to speed up delivery . The Parts Or can on rare occasions be used to purchase vehicles . In addition,

This is a way for the game to force you to buy Gold Coins in the shop because they do not win, unlike Silver. Fortunately, you can always use our Cheat CSR Racing 2 . It is a generator of Gold Coins.

Why use a Cheat CSR Racing 2?


Playing CSR Racing 2 may seem very simple at first. Then as you progress, the opponents also become very hard to beat. In CSR Racing 2, SPEED matters a lot. Even if you are good at handling the accelerator and the gearbox , if your vehicle ‘s engine is weak you have no chance of winning a race. To stay on top, you’ll be forced to buy more powerful cars and do some customizations.

When you are going to do these things, you will realize that the money you have accumulated for twenty or so hours is not even enough to buy the simplest dragsters. However, this game has more than fifty vehicles to unblock. Without a Cheat CSR Racing 2 , you have little choice. You have to buy money from the game with real money. All the same, know that our software of Cheating CSR Racing 2 is put at your disposal for FREE . Plus, it can generate you an unlimited amount of money.


It is possible to accumulate a large amount of Silver in CSR Racing 2 without having to resort to the paid elements or a software of Cheese CSR Racing 2 . I will reveal a very useful little tip! If you do not have cash in hand in this game, you just have to do the races you have already won to receive the rewards again and again. This method always works. It does, however, consume a lot of time. As for Gold Coins , no trick works to win.

Players rank Parts Gold of premium currencies , as they can only be obtained by paying out real cash. If you are currently missing Gold Coins in CSR Racing 2, I invite you to use our Cheat CSR Racing 2. If you use it now, in exactly 3 minutes you will receive a lot of it in your account .

How to use our Cheat CSR Racing 2?

Our Triche CSR Racing 2 is a Generator of Gold and Silver Coins. It is very easy to use. To use it, you just need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: At the top of this article, we have installed a “generator access” button . Click on it to have you redirected to the page where our Gold and Silver Coins Generator is located .
  • Step 2: Enter your username or email CSR Racing 2 in the corresponding box. This is essential to link your account to the generator in question.
  • Step 3: Choose from the proposed numbers the number of Gold and Silver Coins to be generated in your account
  • Step 4: To finish, press the “Add” button to send the points into your CSR Racing 2 account.
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